🇬🇧 The newest MBP single is out now on all streaming platforms and with a brand new music video! 

Highly praised by critics and listeners, the single was first featured and released earlier in 2022 on the MusInk For Humanity compilation.

Ink For Humanity organized a charitable fundraiser compilation and it features many great Romanian artists who were invited to participate in the effort writing songs themed around “tattoos”.


🇷🇴 Noul single MBP este acum disponibil pe toate platformele de streaming și cu un nou videoclip!

Vădit apreciată de critici și de ascultători, piesa a fost mai întâi prezentată si lansată în cadrul compilației MusInk For Humanity.

Ink For Humanity au organizat această compilație în scop caritabil, și prezintă mulți mari artiști din România care au fost invitați să participe scriind piese cu tematica “tatuaje”.

Model: Georgiana Saraev (Instagram: @georgianasaraev)

Photographer: Amatis Chifu (Instagram: @_amatis_gallery)

Director: Ana Breten (Instagram: @anabreten)

Director of Photography: Rareș Dima (Instagram: @raresdima)

Editing and Visual Effects: Ana Breten

Make-up Artist: Diana Froicu (Instagram: @dianafroicumakeup)

Production Coordinator: Enxhi Rista (Instagram: @enxhiroses)

Production Assistant & Making Of: Dragos Ciolac (Instagram: @dragosciolac) 

Produced by Grivița Studio.

Special thanks to:

Dorian Stan

Dragos Ciolac

Adrian Barbu

Barbu Nitelea

Alexandra Bulgariu

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marius Costache - Studio 148, Bucharest, 2022.

Written and performed by MBP:

Mihai Barbu: guitars / vocals / fx / synths  (Insta: @mihaibarbu13.mbp)

Livia Iancu: guitars (Insta: @midnight.blue01)

Adrian Cosma: bass guitar (Insta: @cosmadrian.mbp)

Tudor Alexandru: drums  / percussion (Insta: @tudor_bobe)


I'm up for a white night,

Everything was alright,

Then I crossed your darkened eyes.

Never thought I'd crave this,

Something out of madness,

Let me take you back to my place!

Pull you closer to my chest,

Feel you breathing down my neck,

And I'll tell you once again!

I wanna touch your skin,

Wanna teach you sin,

While you spread those wings on your back piece!

I wanna hear you scream,

While I slip it back in,

And we're back again for a good time!



That ribbon on your thigh,

In the back of my mind

All night when I'm alone.

Makes me call you up again,

I know the dollar is your friend,

But I'll give you something more!

There we go

I wanna touch your skin,

Wanna teach you sin,

While you spread those wings!

Your skin yeah!