Latest Single: THE GREAT ALONE

The Exploration of Loneliness in the Digital Age 

The Great Alone: MBP's New Single Explores Loneliness in the Digital Age 

MBP announces the upcoming release of their latest single, a poignant exploration into the theme of loneliness in the age of technology. The song, titled “The Great Alone”, is set to captivate listeners with its insightful lyrics and evocative melodies. 

In an era marked by connectivity, MBP delves into the paradox of isolation within a hyper-connected world. The song reflects on the challenges of genuine human connection in the digital landscape, where screens often obscure true emotions. 

The song delves into the raw and complex emotions surrounding loneliness, offering a profound commentary on the digital human experience. The composition weaves a melodic tapestry that complements the theme, creating an immersive sonic experience for listeners. 

Mihai Barbu: 'With The Great Alone I wanted to explore the feeling of online interactions, the fact that you can trust no one, those which may seem to be your worst enemies may be your best friends in real life, and vice-versa. It's a reflection on the quiet spaces within, amidst the digital noise.'"

Quiet spaces within amidst the digital noise. Loneliness in the digital age. Lack of communication in a hyper-connected world. Enemies or friends? Or both? Humans vs AI. Whatever it is you're thinking about, we named it The "Great Alone". Enjoy!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marius Costache at Studio 148. @mariuscostache148

Lyric video and visual world by Ana Breten. @anabreten  

Song and Lyrics by Mihai Barbu.

Arranged and performed by MBP:

Mihai Barbu: guitars / vocals / fx / synths  (Insta: @mihaibarbu13.mbp)

Livia Iancu: guitars (Insta: @midnight.blue01)

Adrian Cosma: bass guitar (Insta: @cosmadrian.mbp)

Tudor Alexandru: drums  / percussion (Insta: @tudor_bobe)

Special thanks to Dragos Ciolac @dragosciolac


Your touch is quite tempting,

Your bite so cold.

Your lies are my favorite,

No faith and no soul.

Take me, break me, save me,

We face the "great alone"

Take me, break me, save me,

We face the "great alone".

Shut up, keep it silent,

Maybe I am your enemy.

You're moving without eyes,

Disgracing your kind.

We don't use our eyes,

We tell only lies,

If everyone will die,

We'd tell only lies.

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