Modern Metal band from Bucharest, Romania

MBP is a progressive modern metal four-piece band, located in Bucharest, Romania. Founded in 2017, they released an ambitious self-produced 80 minutes debut album, called “A Lifetime Consequence”, in early 2019, followed by the self-titled 3-song EP, officially released on the 1st of October 2020.

Mihai Barbu - Vocals & Guitar

Livia Iancu - Guitar

Adrian Cosma - Bass

Tudor Alexandru - Drums

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Self-Titled EP, 2020

Our second release, a 3-song EP officially released on 1st of October 2020 in both digital and physical 6-panels digipak formats. Contains two singles with music videos: "Silence" our most known song, amassing over 50k hits  and "All Nights Ascend", our first lyric video.

A Lifetime Consequence, 2019

Our debut concept album. An 80-minute journey through the inner struggles of artist. Released both digitally and as a collector-item double-CD digipack. Contains three singles with music videos: "Look Behind", "Ever Known" and "Show Me the End".

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Selected Press Coverage

Metalforce - Soundart Festival Review

[...] a young and daring project of a very talented romanian guitarist, Mihai Barbu, which has a sound that places itself on the border between modern prog metal, heavy metal and groove.  .[...]"

Midnight Burst - MBP EP Review

"[...] If the debut material showed diversity and potential, the new EP is starting to tick off confirmations. The approach is more direct, heavier and more targeted. Of course, the collaboration with Marius Costache (Studio 148) speaks for itself, but the personality shines through more clearly and decisively. [...]"

Bloody News - MBP EP Review

"[...] The first track, "Silence", is very punchy, epic, Progressive, but with extreme tendencies. The breaks in rhythm and stylistic barriers really shock you, sending you directly into a landscape, into a disturbing cinematic atmosphere. Those keys in the middle of the piece, you feel them so alive inside you, as if they were playing to your own chest. [...]" 

Book Chapter - "The Romanian Underground Metal" - Francisc Ormeny

"[...] All these aspects decisively push MBP's music, at least at the level of reception, towards a Dark-Metal with deep enchanting accents and implications, brought from the Doom-Metal and Metalcore genres. A very unusual and almost unheard of combination of styles, influences, calls and especially referrals. [...]"


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A Lifetime Consequence, 2019

Limited Edition Album 


Self-Titled EP, 2020


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